Saturday, May 03, 2008

Oh, Yeah...

That's why I live here!

We went to the beach the other day. OMG, it was just gorgeous! We went to our normal spot on Dunedin Causeway.

The Causeway leads out to Honeymoon Island State Park, which has a really beautiful beach. It's a ways out there though, then you have to pay to get into the park, then you have to walk a long was from the parking lot to the actual beach. We go there sometimes, but more often we just stop on the causeway.

There is a narrow strip of sandy beach on either side of the road and you can pull off and park for free. We always stop there, put in our sailboat or kayak and sail or paddle out to the sand bar. There is a huge sand bar that is totally exposed at low tide. I love it out there. I can walk forever, pick up shells, just enjoy the scenery, and Trevor can run and swim to his heart's content.

Last time we went out we got an added bonus. As we stood on the edge of the sandbar, near the deeper boat channel, 3 dolhins swam by only about 20-30 feet from us. We were able to watch them feeding for a while. It was so awesome,they are such beautiful animals.

One of them swam up, poked his head up and looked right at us. Then he went back to catching and eating fish. I was so wishing I had my snorkeling gear, I would have been out there in that water to see if I could see them a little closer. I don't care if the water is only 76 degrees and I usually don't go in until it's 80!

We do see dolphins out there on occasion, but that was the closest they have ever come and for quite a long time too!


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