Sunday, April 26, 2009

Parrotheads in Paradise

We saw Jimmy Buffett in concert last night.  It was a great show as always!  A Jimmy Buffett concert is basically like going to a huge party with great music.  We had lawn seats, so we sat on the grass behind the regular reserved seats.  Everybody around us was friendly, beach balls were being batted around, we danced and sang, hung out and drank beer, and had a good old time!

We almost didn't get to go.  We had our regular babysitter all lined up, but when I called her that day to confirm the time, she said she was just getting ready to call me.  It turns out she was very ill and had just returned from the ER.

So I called a coworker who has a teenage daughter who sometimes babysits.  Unfortunately it was the last minute and she already had plans so she couldn't do it. 

We ended up calling a friend who lives in Tampa who actually was available.  The only problem is he lives 45 minutes away and doesn't have a car.  We drove to Tampa to pick him up, brought him back to our place to watch Trevor, then drove back to Tampa again for the concert.  Then this morning I drove our friend back to Tampa yet again.  That's a lot of driving but Buffett was well worth it!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


This is a picture my 4 year old son painted in preschool.

Monday, April 06, 2009

A Mad Tea Party

My almost 4 year old son had a tea party yesterday.  It was really cute.  He had his little table and 4 chairs set up.  Each place had a cup, a plate (really a coaster) and a napkin.  He served crayons for snacks, and carefully placed some on each coaster.  He then pretended to pour "tea" from his cup into all the other cups.  The best part for me was the guests.  In one chair he had a big plastic lizard, in another his toy phone, and in the third chair he had one of the attachments to my vacuum cleaner.  Now that's imagination!