Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy New Year!!!

Then can we rest?

We had a great Christmas weekend visiting very dear friends down in Key Largo. The weather was beautiful, 80 degrees and sunny. Our Christmas dinner was a delicious seafood feast including crab legs, grouper filet, mahi mahi filet, shrimp, crab dip, and a few other items. Trevor got a few fresh bruises in the process of exploring a new environment, but overall it was a great visit.

We got home about 10:00 pm on Monday, and I had to work Tuesday morning. Most of our staff took this week off so we were running with a skeleton crew, some of us travelling from office to office together. One employee got an attitude with the doctor on duty and called him some interesting names including a racial slur. She then walked out. Another long-time employee had put in her notice and today was her last day. So now we have only 2 people to cover front desk, check out, and phones; one girl just started this week and the other is a part time employee. The doctor on duty this week is ready to hand in his resignation due to some other political b.s. which I won't go into now. The big boss comes back from vacation next week and I'm sure the proverbial shit will hit the equally proverbial fan. I feel like a housewife watching a saop opera, except it lasts 8 hours each day and I get paid.

At least I get to enjoy another 3 day weekend.

Actually, I'm kind of looking forward to Tuesday to find out what happens next. Damn those soaps, they always leave you with a cliffhanger for the weekend!

Best wishes to all for the new year!


Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Budding Nudist

I can't keep clothes on my kid! He has figured out how to remove pretty much every article of clothing he has. And his diapers!

At first we thougth maybe he was taking his pants and diaper off because he was uncomfortable when he was wet or dirty. He usually fusses when he needs a change, though. We started checking his diaper more frequently.

I have come to realize that his removal of clothing and/or diapers has nothing to do with the condition of the diaper. Yesterday morning I changed his diaper and dressed him. Not 5 minutes later he was shirtless, had his pants around his knees and was working on the diaper.

I am thinking that it's probably about time he was toilet trained. If he wants to run around naked, I at least want him to potty in the toilet, not on the floor, like he did earlier in the week.

My husband came up with a solution(?) that seems to be working, at least for now. If we wrap a strip of duct tape around his waist, over the waistband of his pants, he doesn't seem to be able to take them off. I'm sure he will figure it out pretty soon. The trick is trying to stay a step or two ahead of him.

Has anyone else had this problem?


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Live and Let Live

Everyone seems to be blogging and exchanging emails about whether it's appropriate to say Merry Christmas".

Of course it's appropriate! We supposedly have both freedom of religion and freedom of speech, right?

What I wish is that everybody would just go on and celebrate whatever holiday they celebrate, and not get offended when others do the same.

Wishing someone a happy holiday or a merry Christmas should be accepted as an expression of good will, and not another reason to be offended.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! (or whatever)


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

First Word

My son has finally actually spoken his first word. I mean "spoken" as in he said it on purpose and knew what he was saying. He makes a lot of sounds while babbling that resemble real words, but he doesn't really mean anything by it. He has since repeated this word several times, on purpose, meaning it.

Oh, I suppose you want to know what the word was?

It was "Daddy"! His father is very proud.

His mother is slightly jealous, but oh well.