Friday, December 29, 2006

Happy New Year!!!

Then can we rest?

We had a great Christmas weekend visiting very dear friends down in Key Largo. The weather was beautiful, 80 degrees and sunny. Our Christmas dinner was a delicious seafood feast including crab legs, grouper filet, mahi mahi filet, shrimp, crab dip, and a few other items. Trevor got a few fresh bruises in the process of exploring a new environment, but overall it was a great visit.

We got home about 10:00 pm on Monday, and I had to work Tuesday morning. Most of our staff took this week off so we were running with a skeleton crew, some of us travelling from office to office together. One employee got an attitude with the doctor on duty and called him some interesting names including a racial slur. She then walked out. Another long-time employee had put in her notice and today was her last day. So now we have only 2 people to cover front desk, check out, and phones; one girl just started this week and the other is a part time employee. The doctor on duty this week is ready to hand in his resignation due to some other political b.s. which I won't go into now. The big boss comes back from vacation next week and I'm sure the proverbial shit will hit the equally proverbial fan. I feel like a housewife watching a saop opera, except it lasts 8 hours each day and I get paid.

At least I get to enjoy another 3 day weekend.

Actually, I'm kind of looking forward to Tuesday to find out what happens next. Damn those soaps, they always leave you with a cliffhanger for the weekend!

Best wishes to all for the new year!



Duke_of_Earle said...

Great post! Captured the drama with a flair. You should write!


Christina said...

I must take after my dad, huh?

Steve G said...

Christina, Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year.

Jack K. said...

I aagree with the duke, only I would amend his comment by saying, "you shoule write, MORE."

Perhaps you could submit this as part of a script for General Hospital.

Glad to learn of the feast at Key Largo. My mouth is watering, and I just looked at the time. Time for lunch.

btw, Happy New Year to you and yours.


Peter said...

Hope the "Soap" works out, Happy New Year.

Margaret said...

I agree, you hooked me into your "soap" with your discriptive writing, can't wait for the next episode.
A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year to you and your family. May it be a truly great year for you all.
Cheers Margaret

Karyn Lyndon said...

Man, a lot happening at the office...any chance for a promotion? Sounds like the place would fall apart without you.

Happy New Year!


M.E Ellis said...

LOL @ soap opera-like job.


Peter said...

I hoped for a new post on which to wish you a happy Birthday, but this one will have to do, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Christina.

kenju said...

A little bird told me you have a birthday coming up. Hope you have a happy one!

r.e.wolf said...

Just dropping by to wish you a very Happy Birthday!!

Steve G said...

Have a happy birthday also.

jiang said...

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