Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cameras, Computers, and the Cursed "C"

I have been very negligent with my blogging lately. I haven't posted in almost 3 weeks! I also have not been visiting any of you as often as I should. Sorry about that.

Anyway, things have calmed down at work. Pretty much. Our newest employee started on Jan. 2 - out of the 4 work days that week, he called in with a "family emergency" twice, and called in sick once. He tried to call in yesterday, but our supervisor told him if he wanted to keep his job, she really needed him to be at work. He showed up. Late.

On a better note - 19 DAYS 'TIL OUR VACATION!!! We will soon be off for a week of freezing our butts off in the mountains. If you didn't know, this is our annual family (and almost family) ski trip in Colorado. There are 9 of us including altogether - my parents, my sis and bro-in-law, a very close family friend and her husband, and of course there's me, Johnny and Trevor. We always have a terrific time! I'm hoping Trevor can start skiing next year.

I have started a new diet and exercise plan. I have stuck to the diet faithfully and haven't cheated at all. I have been so-so on the exercise. All in all, though, I have lost 2 pounds and feel really good, so I can't complain.

My parents bought us a new digital video camera for Christmas, so we could record and send them videos of their grandson. At first I was really excited and enthusiastic about learning to use it. Then I open the box and took out a bunch of wires, computer discs and other small objects as yet unidentified. OK, I can sort this out. Then I looked at the instruction manual. I tried to flip it open to the English section, then realized it was open to the English section.

I have managed to take some video footage and download it to the computer with the software that came with the camera. I used to do this fairly easily with my old, cheap, low resolution camera that produced small blurry videos. With this new camera, it took some doing. The horrendous instruction manual explained how to then transfer this footage to a recordable DVD via my computers DVD drive with writing capabilities. It looked simple, but wasn't. I still haven't been able to record a DVD. I even put down (well, threw down) the manual and just started trying stuff on my own. Hey, it's worked before. Unfortunately, not this time.

I found another program on my computer that was meant to copy and write CD's and DVD's. "Oh, cool!", I think, "let's try this one!" FRUITLESS!!! Every attempt, another dead end! I have not been this frustrated with an electronic device in quite some time. All I can figure is that the camera, knowingly or not, has joined the ranks of the dreaded "C".

Anyway, the camera, all the wires, discs and stuff that came with it, my computer and all of it is going with us to Colorado so my dad and my geek squad brother in law can figure it out.

I hope.



Duke_of_Earle said...

Maybe the "C", but maybe not! It might be the old DVD+RW vs. DVD-RW conflict.

We'll talk.


Jack K. said...

Sounds like dad has a workable answer and possible solution. That's what dads are for.

It also sounds like the fun we have been having with our new LCD TV. (We've yet to get the cable box.)

Being an exploratory learner (Trial and Error) myself, I can relate to pushing buttons and trying things. However, since I have many senior moments, I sometimes forget what I did to get to where I am and how to get back.

Good luck and have a great time in Colorado.

Peter said...

Hi Christina, it's handy to have expert/geeks in the family hope they are successful in sorting out your problems, and while you are all together in Colorado to try it out.

Steve G said...

Have fun on the snow trip and good luck on the camera. I hate reading instructions, but sometimes there is no other solution.

Steve G said...

12 days until vacation...

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