Monday, February 26, 2007


One thing I didn't mention in my last post was that on Tuesday, after my Monday meeting with Dr. Chaos and before my interview at the new practice, Dr. Chaos' wife came in to talk to me. She cornered me in the lunchroom while I was eating. I saw her throught the window and knew why she was there, but I didn't have time to escape.

She basically reiterated everything her husband had already said. The main difference was that she seemed willing to talk more freely about certain things than he did. I had asked him some direct questions about the "changes" he planned on making within the practice, and about the new administrator he had hired.

A woman had come in a few weeks prior to interview for the administrator position. She impressed me, and everyone else she spoke to, as a total bitch. I asked Dr. Chaos right up front if she was the one he had hired, and let him know that if so, it would pose a problem. I didn't like her and had no desire to work with her. He dismissed my questions by saying, "I am not at liberty to discuss that with you." Well, after speaking with Mrs. Chaos and several other employees, I found out that she was in fact the new administrator. Also a few other things that he had told me weren't adding up.

After the great interview I had with the new practice on Tuesday afternoon, I had pretty much made up my mind that I was leaving and was derading my next meeting with Dr. Chaos. The new place called me Wednesday morning and confirmed the new job. I was ecstatic! When Dr. Chaos confronted me on Wednesday afternoon, I told him that I had made my decision and was taking the new job. He acted flabbergasted and asked me why. I saw no choice but to tell him the truth. I told him he was not honest with me at our last meeting, and explained why I was making this claim. His response: "I didn't say it was her and I didn't sayit wasn't her - so I didn't lie to you."

I had asked him direct questions about matters that were not confidential or top secret. I let him know that I had some issues with theses matters. He deliberately evaded my questions and didn't tell me the truth because he knew I wouldn't like the answers. As far as I am concerned, this constitutes dishonesty.

I told him I thought he was self-serving, manipulative and dishonest. I start my new job on March 5th. Can't wait!!!


Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Well, I had my job interview today. It went very well as far as I could tell. The doctor kept saying how qualified I am. He seemed to indicate that he thought I would be a good fit with the practice. He asked if I had any questions, and answered a few, but when I asked about health insurance and benefits, he referred me back to the practice administrator. I got back with her, has a tour of the facility and got all the pertinent info. I definitely got the impression that I would get the job, but they said they would call me.

I told my current boss yesterday that I planned on leaving and taking another job. I may have jumped the gun a little, since I don't have a concrete offer yet, but in my field I don't think I will have any trouble finding work. He pleaded with me to stay, offered me more money, made "promises", the whole 9 yards. He wasn't very happy when I told him I couldn't give him an answer on the spot.

I told him I had a meeting scheduled the next afternoon with this other doctor, and I wanted to meet with him and hear what he had to say. I commented, "I only think that's fair." Dr. Chaos looked me straight in the eye and said "Why is that fair?" I was almost speechless at that. I tried to explain that I had committed to an appointment and that this man had set aside time from his schedule to speak with me. Then I thought "Why am I trying to justify this?" and just said, "I'm keeping the appointment and I will let you know after. Thank you for giving me this time to make my decision."

Dr. Chaos' response to this was, "So you'll call me in the morning?" I said, "No. I will call you after the meeting and after I make a decision." He said nothing to that.

I can't see any reason for the new place not to offer me the job. It's perfect for me. The salary will be about the same, but the benefits are FAR superior to where I am now. I dread telling Dr. Chaos that I have decided to leave, because I know he will be unhappy and may pressure me. I am just trying to avoid contact with him until I know for sure that I have the job.

The suspense is killing me!!!


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Onward and Upward

Well, I've finally decided to do it. I'm going to quit my job. No, I'm not taking a sabbatical or choosing to stay home with my son; I couldn't afford to do that. It's not that I don't want to work anymore, I just don't want to work there.

I try not to go on about work too much on this blog, but I know I have shared some stories in the past. I started work there 1 1/2 years ago, and there have probably been about 10 or 12 employees that have started since then, and have also quit/walked off the job/went to lunch and never came back, etc. since then. And several "long term" employees who were there before I started have also resigned since I've been there. And this is not a huge company. We have 20-25 employees total.

You'd think most employers whose heads were not shoved completely up their asses would realize that there's a problem somewhere. Turnover like that is ridiculous. We have been shorthanded in at least one department, sometimes more, for at least the last year and a half. Everybody else realizes that this is because the boss is a total jerk, the practice has no organization whatsoever, payscale is relatively low for the area, the "benefits" are minimal, bonuses and incentives are nonexistent, but for some reason he can't see this.

Why would I take a job there in the first place? Well, the boss painted a much prettier picture of the situation during the interview and tour of the practice. Unfortunately, I didn't really do much investigation beyond this because the main reason I went there was that I had worked previously with one of the doctors ("Dr. W") there, and wanted to work with him again.

The place I will (hopefully) be working at is a practice which I had prior conatct with a couple years ago. When I first decided to move to this area, I sent them a resume. they called me back almost immediately and were very interested. I was definitely leaning toward taking a job there, and only changed my mind and took the job I took so that I could work with Dr. W.

They had 2 job openings 2 years ago, one employee moved and another quit to have a baby. That was the first turnover they had in years. The opening they have now is the first since then. What a contrast to the Practice of Chaos where I work now.

Anyway, I have an interview with the new place on Tuesday - basically I have to meet the head doctor, and if he approves, I have the job! My current boss is about to be very, very unhappy. A doctor, the senior tech, and another tech all gave their notice last week. Now his "employee of the year" will soon be following suit.

Funny, but I really don't have the slightest bit of symapthy.


Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm Back...Sort Of

Well, we made it back from the famous family ski trip! That's where I was all last week, hence no posts and hardly any comments.

The bad news is, we are all sick with a stomach virus. "We" being myself, husband and 22 month old. The kid got it first, I assume he picked it up in the daycare we had him in while we were skiing. Hubby and I followed suit.

I didn't go in to work today, slept all day and went to the doctor. Doctor said not to go in tomorrow either, so another day of sleeping is planned. That and clear liquids.

I'll try to put up a better post in a few days.