Saturday, November 25, 2006

"Tis the Season

I always put up my Christmas tree on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I did manage to get that done today, and as promised, here are the pictures:

In the photos, it almost looks like one of those white trees that are supposed to look like they're covered with snow (I guess). It is actually made from silver foil and it is very shiny. Apparently these were popular for a while in the early 60's or thereabouts. Do any of you remember having one?

I guess it's about time to start thinking about Christmas shopping. I heard on the radio the other day, that December 23rd closely rivals Black Friday as one of the busiest shopping days of the year. As a usual last minute shopper, I thank the Good Lord for internet shopping with next day delivery! I haven't set foot in a mall in years.



Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'm Still Here

I know, I know, I haven't posted in forever! I could make excuses, but I won't bother.

My dad (John Earle) posted recently about the passing of his mother, my grandmother. While she was alive, I had no idea how much money she was worth nor did it occur to me that she might leave me something when she died.

Upon her passing, I was informed that there was in fact a sizeable estate which was to be divided between Grandma's son , daughter and 6 grandchildren. Well, OK, I guess this is alright. How does this work, I ask.

Then I found out how much money the government takes off the top in the name of "inheritance tax." Then, on top of that, they take even more tax from money left to grandchildren in the name of the "generation skipping tax."

I'm not kidding! Maybe you all knew this already, but I had no clue. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I'm upset about getting less money. I don't care about that. It's just, where does the government get off taking that much money from one's estate? No matter that you work and pay taxes all your life, they just think they are entitled to half of your money simply because you die? Crazy.


Plans for Thanksgiving. A friend from Key West has a property on the bank of a river about an hour North of where I live. It is a very pretty peaceful spot. He is throwing a little get together for family and friends with tons of food, beverage, music and good company. Since we don't live near enough to family, or have enough money and time off to travel, we will be celebrating with friends on the river.

This weekend we will put up our Christmas tree! I have a really cool, different kind of tree - I will post a picture of it next week.

I'm off to read all your blogs now...



Thursday, November 09, 2006

What Day Is It, Anyway?

Based on my morning, I would swear it was Monday, but that doesn't seem right...

First I overslept. I woke up in the middle of a very bizarre dream (which I have since forgotten) to realize I had only 20 minutes to get ready and leave for work or I would be late. This includes giving Trevor a bottle and changing his diaper.

I jumped in the shower and ran to hit the coffee. I made the unfortunate mistake of stopping at the computer. Never, ever, ever do this when you are running late.

I had a little message window up informing me that my computer couldn't find something. I didn't really care, so I tried to get rid of the little window. It wouldn't go away! No matter what I did, IT WOULDN'T GO AWAY!

This got me frustrated so I started closing things at random. During this phase, I lost some pictures my parents just sent me from their recent visit. We're talking about so many pictures that it took over an hour for them all to come thru. And we are both on cable high speed internet.

Incidentally, the window I was trying to close was still there.

I looked at the clock, said "Oh, shit!", grabbed my coffee and purse and left for work.

When I got going, I called my dad to tell him about my computer problems. As we were talking, I entered Interstate 75. The doctor I work for has 3 offices, all just off I-75. Yesterday I took I-75 south to our Sun City, FL office. Today I was supposed to go north to our Bushnell, FL office.

"Oh shit!" I said again. I just realized I was going south. I got off the phone and tried to get turned around. It took a good 15 or 20 minutes, because of the roads and traffic. My the time I got headed north, I had 20 minutes to drive 45 miles. Not gonna happen.

I got to work about 15 minutes late. Please don't figure out how fast I was driving.

I did make it to work, and yes, I called in to let them know. I sure do feel stupid though. As I was leaving work today one of my coworkers reminded me to take the northbound on-ramp tomorrow. I still haven't figured out how to retrieve my pictures from the computer.

Thank goodness tomorrow's Friday!!!