Thursday, November 09, 2006

What Day Is It, Anyway?

Based on my morning, I would swear it was Monday, but that doesn't seem right...

First I overslept. I woke up in the middle of a very bizarre dream (which I have since forgotten) to realize I had only 20 minutes to get ready and leave for work or I would be late. This includes giving Trevor a bottle and changing his diaper.

I jumped in the shower and ran to hit the coffee. I made the unfortunate mistake of stopping at the computer. Never, ever, ever do this when you are running late.

I had a little message window up informing me that my computer couldn't find something. I didn't really care, so I tried to get rid of the little window. It wouldn't go away! No matter what I did, IT WOULDN'T GO AWAY!

This got me frustrated so I started closing things at random. During this phase, I lost some pictures my parents just sent me from their recent visit. We're talking about so many pictures that it took over an hour for them all to come thru. And we are both on cable high speed internet.

Incidentally, the window I was trying to close was still there.

I looked at the clock, said "Oh, shit!", grabbed my coffee and purse and left for work.

When I got going, I called my dad to tell him about my computer problems. As we were talking, I entered Interstate 75. The doctor I work for has 3 offices, all just off I-75. Yesterday I took I-75 south to our Sun City, FL office. Today I was supposed to go north to our Bushnell, FL office.

"Oh shit!" I said again. I just realized I was going south. I got off the phone and tried to get turned around. It took a good 15 or 20 minutes, because of the roads and traffic. My the time I got headed north, I had 20 minutes to drive 45 miles. Not gonna happen.

I got to work about 15 minutes late. Please don't figure out how fast I was driving.

I did make it to work, and yes, I called in to let them know. I sure do feel stupid though. As I was leaving work today one of my coworkers reminded me to take the northbound on-ramp tomorrow. I still haven't figured out how to retrieve my pictures from the computer.

Thank goodness tomorrow's Friday!!!



Anonymous said...

I'm quite certain your Dad has already said this Christina, SAVE, SAVE, SAVE, and DON"T stop to do a two minute thing at the computer unless you have an hour to spare.

Daniel I. Russell said...

Indeed. Tis Friday!!

Just wanted to thanbk you for visiting my site. I'm new to all this.

Steve G said...

Hope you get evertthing back to normal, if there is such a thing.

Duke_of_Earle said...



Great post. Especially the second, "Oh, SHIT!" I heard that one on the phone!


Jack K. said...

Whoa! I have to take time to catch my breath after reading this posting.

Hope today goes better.

Christina said...

Peter: yeah, I know. There is no such thing as a 2 minute thing on the computer.

Daniel: Welcome! Good to see you.

Steve: define "normal".

Dad: I still can't find my pictures. help!

Jack: Today (Friday) was better. I got to work on time, and that annoying little window I couldn't get to close is now gone. Where it went I have NO idea!!!

Karyn Lyndon said...

Something about "only 20 min. to get ready and leave for work" doesn't add up. You must have put on your mascara while you were on the cell phone. I have another title for your post "I'm headed North, it must be Thursday"

Anonymous said...

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schnoodlepooh said...

Some days are really really bad, and that was one of them. Maybe you could put a post-it note on your dashboard every evening telling you which direction to go on the freeway the next morning... and never never never look at that darn computer when you are running late. rule #1.
Funny story!!!!!

Candace said...

I'm trying this again - yesterday my comment kept getting lost in cyberspace. [steam coming out ears]

First, funny post!
Second, I hate when some window refuses to close no matter what (AND when I can't post a comment) - these are just a couple of reasons why I really really want a Mac.
Third, maybe the pictures are still in your recyle bin? I hope?

Anonymous said...


Sorry. But as a mom of four, I can so relate to days like this!

Christina said...

To everyone's collective relief...

I was able (with Dad's help) to resurrect the "lost" pictures. Don't ask me how.

Steve g said...

Glad you found the pictures.

M.E Ellis said...



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