Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Random Stuff

I have been dieting for two weeks and have lost 5 pounds! If I would just get off my lazy ass and exercise, I would have probably lost 10. oh well...slow and steady wins the race, right?

I am so addicted to Facebook, it's not even funny. I am currently involved in 2 farm games, Mafia Wars and a Pirate game. Way too much time to waste, I guess.

Trevor's swimming lessons start up again on the 29th. He has been practicing at the beach and is so ready to see Ms. Olivia again!

I recently had to replace my alternator to the tune of $300. Now I am over my budget this month and pretty broke. At least all the bills are paid!

My iguana escaped a couple weeks ago. Fortunately we got her back after a couple days. The neighbor's dogs alerted us to her whereabouts.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Good Deal

I got an email today that my subscription to the newspaper had expired and I needed to renew right away to avoid an interruption of my paper.  

I realized I was paying $60 for the year to get the Saturday and Sunday papers only.  We never even read the Saturday paper, we really only want Sundays.  So I decided to call and ask if we could cut out the Saturday paper and get a cheaper price.  

I was initially told that the price I was paying was the price for Sunday papers only and that Saturdays had been thrown in as a bonus, so they couldn't go any cheaper.  I told the gentleman that it cost us $1 per week, therefore $52 a year, to get the paper out of the machine down the street.  I said we would prefer to do that than overpay for a delivered paper.  

He then put me on hold so he could speak with his supervisor about getting us a better deal.  When he came back on the line, he informed me that he could get me the Sunday paper only for $48 for the year.  I took the deal! 

See, it never hurts to ask...I'm thinking about doing the same thing with the cable company!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Swimming Lesson Update

I told Trevor earlier that it was time to get ready for swimming lessons.  He replied, "I don't want to go!"  I was like, "What!?  You don't want to go?"  He said, "I don't like Mr. Lyle.  I only like Ms.  Olivia."

I couldn't believe it - he is usually dying to get to swimming lessons.  I told hubby about it and he said Trevor had told him the same thing earlier today.  We had also noticed that Trevor wasn't doing as well in the lessons during the last couple sessions with Lyle.  He wasn't showing any fear, he just wasn't doing what he was supposed to nearly as well as he had been.

We went to the pool and I asked Olivia if there was any way Trevor could get into one of her classes.  She said not this time, but next month he could.  

We asked Trevor if he wanted to wait 3 more weeks to swim with Olivia, or swim today with Lyle.  He opted for Olivia.  So for a $20 fee, we pulled Trevor out of this session and signed him up for next session WITH OLIVIA!!!

We'll see how he does.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

My Little Swimmer

Here are some pics from Trevor's last swimming session in May.  His teacher's name was Olivia and he adored her!  We signed him up for lessons through June as well, but he has a different teacher this time, named Lyle.  More pics to come.