Thursday, June 04, 2009

Swimming Lesson Update

I told Trevor earlier that it was time to get ready for swimming lessons.  He replied, "I don't want to go!"  I was like, "What!?  You don't want to go?"  He said, "I don't like Mr. Lyle.  I only like Ms.  Olivia."

I couldn't believe it - he is usually dying to get to swimming lessons.  I told hubby about it and he said Trevor had told him the same thing earlier today.  We had also noticed that Trevor wasn't doing as well in the lessons during the last couple sessions with Lyle.  He wasn't showing any fear, he just wasn't doing what he was supposed to nearly as well as he had been.

We went to the pool and I asked Olivia if there was any way Trevor could get into one of her classes.  She said not this time, but next month he could.  

We asked Trevor if he wanted to wait 3 more weeks to swim with Olivia, or swim today with Lyle.  He opted for Olivia.  So for a $20 fee, we pulled Trevor out of this session and signed him up for next session WITH OLIVIA!!!

We'll see how he does.


Merle said...

Dear Christina ~~ What a surprise Trevor not wanting to go to his
swim classes. He may feel safer with the woman teacher, as his main carer is a woman ~~You.
Take care, the pics are great.
Love, Merle.

Merle said...

Hi again Christina ~~ Thanks for your comments and I am glad you liked the story and the jokes.
Take care, Love, Merle.

Fred said...

Sounds like he will indeed do better. You did the right's really important that he's a proficient swimmer. And, when he makes it to the Olympics some day, it will be $20 well spent. :)

Peter said...

Trevor is getting his priorities set early in life Christina... go with the ladies and you can't go wrong.

GutsyWriter said...

I'm happy you listened to him. I think that's great as he's still so young. There was obviously something he didn't like about the male teacher. Good luck.

Jack K. said...

Great choice. He will do much better. Who knows, he and Lyle may hit it off in another year or so.

It is so important to insure the children learn to respect the water and their ability to navigate in it.

Now, Trevor, go out there and blow some bubbles. lol

Nik said...

I wonder why he doesn't care for Mr. Lyle. But, kudos to you for not making him go and switching him into Olivia's class. It definitely makes it easier to learn something when you like the instructor and feel more comfortable w/ them.

gaohui said...

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