Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Good Cause

A friend whom I consider to be a very talented writer, has asked me to advertize her book here on my blog. She is hoping this will help her sell more copies. You see, the more she sells, the more money she makes in royalties. Sounds pretty typical, right?

But the whole point here is that she doesn't keep these royalties. Every penny is donated to the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children). What a great cause to support!

So check out this cool trailer for an excellent book.

This book, and everything of hers I've ever read, is worth getting, even if you don't care about giving to charity. That's just an awesome fringe benefit!



M.E Ellis said...

Thank you, kind heart!


Zinnia said...

And it IS a great novel!!!

Hey, this fellow is wanting to comment on your blogs, but he has a beta version of Blogger and wanted me to ask if you could set your comments to "anyone can comment". He's nice and visit and comments on my blog a lot.

Christina said...

M.E: Sure dear, anytime!

Z: Yeah I know Peter, i read his blog. I will try to fix the problem. I didn't really realize I had set it this way, unless it's a default setting?

Peter: If you read this, I 'm working on it!

Peter said...

Hi Christina, thanks a bunch for lettin' me in, there are getting to be more Beta Bloggers every day so now they can also talk to you.
I couldn't find an email for you so tried Zinnia.

Steve G said...

I'm waiting for your site to get back to normal, miss it.