Friday, December 05, 2008


We have been telling Trevor (my 3 year old) about Santa Claus.  We have been practicing with him what to do when he gets to see Santa and sit on Santa's lap.  He is supposed to tell Santa that he has been a good boy, and that he wants a fishing rod and a guitar.  

Tonight in our town they are having a festival downtown and one of the things they have is a Santa for the kids.  So we took Trevor down there to sit on Santa's lap.  He was very excited about the prospect and practiced saying "I've been a good boy" and "I want a fishing rod" all the way there.

He stood in line really well, went right up to Santa, sat on his lap and dutifully reported that he had been a good boy.  When asked what he wanted for Christmas, he replied "a fishing rod and a guitar."  He got his candy cane and we headed for home.  

The whole way home, Trevor talked about nothing but getting his fishing rod.  When we got home, he started screaming "want my fishing rod" and threw himself on the ground kicking and screaming.  

It finally dawned on me that he had no concept of when Christmas is, and he thought that if he sat on Santa's lap he would get his presents right away.   Oops.

We tried to explain it to him, but he is 3.  He wants his fishing rod.

Poor thing.  I didnt know whether to laugh or cry or get frustrated.  Fortunately he seems to be getting over it.  We'll see how he is tomorrow!


LoraLoo said...

Awwwwww, poor thing! My 4-year-old won't even get near Santa Claus.

Duke_of_Earle said...

Patience and waiting are not easy concepts for a 3 year old. Hopefully you can get him to understand that Christmas is coming in a few weeks (which I know will seem like a lifetime to him), and THEN he will get his gifts from Santa. Good luck!!


Jack K. said...

Poor Trevor. He will learn soon enough.

I suspect his attention will already be turned to some other new adventure.

Peter said...

Keep explaining to him about Christmas AND being a good boy..
if that doesn't work give gim the bloody fishing rod!!!!

Merle said...

Dear Christina ~~I don't agree with my brother, Peter. Trevor will be OK and keep telling him how many sleeps and Santa has lot of good kids to get around to. Thanks you for your kind words and I like the "Honk" joke a lot myself. Take care, and Good Luck with your son. Love, Merle.

Linda S. Socha said...

Love the photos and the Santa Story. I can see we have some interesting sort of connections.:>) My brother spent years living in Clearwater. I am married to a musician who worked also as a college professior. My son, now grown, was born on April 13. I very much enjoyed your blog. Please stop by for a visit.

Nik said...

That is too cute, minus his unhappiness, of course. Ya know, his disappointment now is just going to make Christmas morning that much more special for him. It's definitely not an easy concept for wee ones to understand.

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