Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I drove home from work yesterday and when I pulled up to my house I saw two cop cars and two other cars out in front and several people standing around talking to officers, my husband among them.  

So I started to freak out a little, parked jumped out of my car, and walked over.  first words out of hubby's mouth, before I could even ask what happened, were, "Look what some a**hole did to our fence.  

I looked down and saw that the board that runs along the bottom part of the fence right there had been pulled loose from the fenceposts and even broken in one place.  Also our garbage can, which had been standing right in front of the fence, was totally smashed in.  It was obvious someone had hit it with their car, most likely backed into it and then took off.  

Pissed me off, but should be easy to fix.  Now I have to fix this myself, can't call the landlord anymore - welcome to home ownership!!!  

The cops were there because hubby had called them to report the damage.  One of the other cars saw the cops there and stopped to report some totally unrelated incident of I don't know what.  The other car stopped because apparently the occupants of the two cars knew each other.  Whatever.


Jack K. said...

Some folks will do almost anything to put some excitement in their lives. How long were you gone from home? Hubby must have been lonesome and needed someone to visit with.

I wonder who was visiting your neighbor across the street? Does their driveway match up to the location of the damage? Any photos?

Welcome to home ownership, indeed.

Hope it doesn't cost too much to repair.

Duke_of_Earle said...

TOTAL bummer. Doesn't sound TOO expensive, though. I hope.

Probably either a drunk or somebody talking on a cell phone.


Linda S. Socha said...

Good Grief! Glad it was not a major major thing. Yes this is part of home ownership and definitely not the fun part...The good news is that it is a random thing

LoraLoo said...

Yikes, sorry you're gonna have the fence repair, that's crazy someone just hit it and left.

Police officers are like roaches, aren't they? If you see one, you can guarantee there are others...LOL

GutsyWriter said...

Drunk drivers? Teenagers learning to drive? This happened in the daytime? Bummer. I hope it won't be too expensive to repair. Thanks for following my blog.

Merle said...

Dear Christina ~~ I am so sorry this happened to your fence. I hope you can repair it and it shouldn't have happened so soon in your home ownership.
I am glad you liked the story of Faith the dog and the jokes.
Peter is here for a few days.
Take care, Love, Merle.

Fred said...

We've had a rash of small incidents where nasty words have been written on cars at school and in the neighborhood.

Sorry about the fence. Let's hope insurance will take care of some of it.

gaohui said...

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