Friday, January 30, 2009

100th Post

I know I haven't been posting much lately, but have been sooooo busy.  I have been packing for the ski trip, packing to move, working, etc.  

For those of you who don't know, the "Ski Trip" is an annual event in our family.  my mom and dad, sister and brother and law, another couple (friends of the family), hubby, Trevor and I all meet up in Colorado and ski for a week.  We always have a great time.  This year Trevor will be in ski lessons for the first time.  I am excited to see how that will go.  

I have also been packing for the move.  My kitchen is filling up with boxes and my house in general is a mess.  Oh well.

We saw The Eagles in concert last night.  It was an awesome show, they sounded great!  I found out today that my two bosses had also been there and our seats weren't that far from each other.  We didn't see each other though.

I will post again when I get back from Colorado!


GutsyWriter said...

Enjoy your ski trip. You have a ton of exciting stuff going on.

Linda S. Socha said...

Fantastic... I do not know how to ski...but I want to go. I will travel by hearing about it from you. Have a wonderful trip

LoraLoo said...

I literally LOL when I saw that you're going to Colorado... only because there is no way I'd go where it's actually colder than where I am now. Definitely a desert rat, I am. Annual family events are awesome - have a fabulous and safe trip! You'll have to tell us how your little one does with the ski lessons.

The Eagles in concert - sweet!! I did get to see them in the early 90's, goooooood show.

Merle said...

Dear Christina ~~ Have a wonderful ski trip with family and friends
and we will see you when you return.
Glad you liked the Paddy and Mick joke, "hand me the shovel." The heat here is the worst we have ever had and is very hard to take this year.There are fires burning down homes and they were deliberately lit. Hard to work out the reason for that. Take care, and I hope Trevor does well with his lessons. Love, Merle.

Peter said...

Hope your ski trip is its usual success Christina, love the Eagles!!!

Jack K. said...

The Eagles do rock.

Never did get the hang of skiing. With parents skiing Trevor is most likely to get the knack for it very quickly.

Have a great time.

I know your move will go well. Perhaps a photo of your new abode will be in order when you get moved in.

Photos from the ski trip would be nice, too.

Nik said...

Hope y'all are having an awesome time skiing. I don't understand how people actually enjoy being outside in that cold stuff, but hey, as long as you're having fun. lol
Congrats on your 100th post, too!

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