Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Long Run

We have tried a number of times over the last couple years to buy a DVD recorder/player that actually works. We have a DVD player that works. And in the past we have had VCR's (video cassette recorders) that worked.

Well, a couple years or so ago, our VCR died, so we decided to upgrade to a DVD recorder. We bought one (inexpensive) that worked for about 3 months. Hoping it was a fluke, we traded that one in for another one just like it, which worked for about 6 months.

Then we bought another one, a different brand, slightly more expensive. It worked just long enough that we couldn't return it to the store. My husband smashed it with a hammer.

Then we bought a mid-range to expensive one that worked for the better part of a year. Guess what? Right. It soon went in the dumpster.

Yesterday we bought another one, yet a different brand, inexpensive to mid range. Yeah, we are gluttons for punishment. It was the most complicated by far of any of them. And once we finally got it figured out, we found it didn't work!

I had pretty much decided if I never got another DVD recorder it would be too soon.

This afternoon, the cable guy knocked on our door. He offered us an upgrade to digital cable (twice the channels) plus a DVR system (digital video recorder, like Tevo) for only about $5 more than we are paying now for regular cable.

And, if I switch over my phone and internet to this company, I get a package discount, so the total price is within $5-$10 of what we're paying now. There are lots of extras, so we are getting way more bang for our buck.

Sometimes things just work out for the best in the long run.



Anonymous said...

I have several DVD players and find the cheap ones work better than the Mid range ones, I only have one recorder, a mid range that so far has worked fine, didn't realize they were so troublesome.

Duke_of_Earle said...

Have you considered that all of this MAY be the result of the (Shhhhh)... conspiracy!?


Christina said...

Peter: I figured we were just cursed!

Dad: the thought crossed my mind.

Steve G said...

One can't live with them or without them. Being in Germany I have bought cheap dual system DVD players. They play both NTSC (US DVDs) and PAL (European). Like Peter, I think the cheaper ones have worked better, at least for us.

Zinnia said...

I have the same package at my house. I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

You are making me think about my plans to purchase a DVD player/recorder with a built in VCR. I would like to transfer my favorite movies on VHS to the less cumbersome DVDS some day.
...I didn't know there could be so much problems (or a conspiracy like your dad suggested) with DVRs.

By the way, I finally responded to that meme that you tagged me with back on 10/12. It is my 10/21 post.

Anonymous said...

Sounds as though you had your own share of bad luck along with several other people's. I can relate to bad luck in some areas, however my DVD player is still working, or was up to when I posted this.
Cheers Margaret

M.E Ellis said...

We got DVD players, but now don't bother watching any. Waste of effing money GRR!


Jack K. said...

Christina, persistence pays off.

Thanks for the visit.

Perhaps the lesson to be learned in your search for a DVD player/recorded is to learn patience. Or, not. giggle.

The Duke may have something there.

Good luck it getting to do what it is supposed to. If your beautiful child were but a few years older the problem would be solved.

Everybody knows it is a scientific fact that children are hard-wired to solve such challenges.

Continue to...

serve others, care about those you serve and share the love in your heart.

Faith said...

I have a DVD player I bought this summer and have only used it twice.

Rael said...

Wow, this post is more than a year old, and so much have changed. Case in point: have nothing to do with the HD DVD versus Blu ray war!
Anyway, Check out the DVD recorder thats really at the head of the DVD race: Panasonic.'s DVD/VCR combo pick is Panasonic's DMR-EH75V - DVD recorder / VCR combo, while picks Panasonic MR-EZ47VK. DVD recorders