Sunday, September 28, 2008

Barbie Rules!

I went to a garage sale yesterday and bought my son a pair of roller skates. He loves them!

The only problem is that they are Barbie skates and they are for a girl.

As you can see from the picture on the sidebar, my son's hair is long, so even though I dress him obviously in boys' clothes he is often mistaken for a girl. Yeah, these skates will help with that.

Especially if he also wears his pink Barbie watch that my grandma gave him out of a cereal box. Once again, he really loves this watch.

My husband is worried, but I think it's just 'cause he's 3 and doesn't know any better. Really, what difference does it actually make?

So do you think this will affect his delicate psyche and screw him up when he's older or what?


Liquid said...

Oh Heaven's will not affect him! Babies, both boys and girls, children are free spirits!!
As I think they should be.

It is marketing and media who pins this nonsense about gender confusion.

It is a pair of skates.
It is a watch.
Do you think he really cares about the color? The trademarks? Nope....he doesn't.
Why should we as parents?

I think it to be freely healthy.
"Skate on dude and always know what time it is!"

Relax, Dad!


Christina said...

Thank you Liquid, you made my point beautifully. They make my son happy so who cares what color they are, ect.

Tracye said...

These are the same skates my daughter has!

So if they ever wear out, I'll send you ours!

Fred said...

Liquid said what I was thinking. So, I'll just say ditto.

Tracye said...

Thanks for the compliments!

Yeah, the picture at the top of my blog was from my first cake. The baby is fondant, which is a rolled icing. It's kind of like clay; you can either roll it out and cover a cake, or you can sculpt it into people, objects, animals, etc...

Your dad posted a few pics of my cakes on his blog. You can type in "cake" in the search box on mine to see them all... if you're so bored it's either look at pictures of cake or suicide.

I've been reading (um, lurking) your blog for ever. But the skates did it! Had to say Hi!

Duke_of_Earle said...

Tracye? A lurker?

Oh, NO!

Nice skates and watch, BTW. And don't all 3-year-olds of BOTH genders like bright colors?

Those who have a problem with that, well . . . have a problem!


Nik said...

I think you'll have a very well rounded young man who doesn't care what kind of box people stick him in. He doesn't care and he enjoys his skates and watch so who cares what people think. Pink is simply a color and Barbie is merely a toy. Society has unfortunately made things more than what they are. As long as Trevor's cool with it, I say there's no problem with it at all. Keep rockin those skates and watch lil dude. We support you all the way.

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