Saturday, October 25, 2008

Baseball Diamond

Well the Rays and Phillies are tied 1 game each so far in the World Series - GO RAYS!!!! I hope they can play tonight in the cold and rain.


Neil Diamond concert was last night! He was fantastic. He played all the songs people know, and a bunch that I didn't know. Of course hubby knew them all!

When we came out of the concert we stopped at a little bar right across the street to have a drink or two and hang out with a bunch of other people who just came from the concert. There was a guy playing music in there and of course everyone wanted to hear Neil Diamond songs.

We hung out and danced a little then headed back to the car, which was parked a few blocks away. It was dark, and we decided to cut across this open area, which unfortunately had very uneven ground. This, paired with the fact that I was wearing these really cool boots with really high heels resulted in a skinned knee and sprained ankle.

Other than that, we made it back home without incident!

Next concert coming up will be The Eagles in January...


Peter said...

Not the ideal ending for a great night out Christina, Neil Diamond really is a gem (pun intended).

Duke_of_Earle said...

OUCH! I hope the ankle sprain isn't really a sprain -- those can be long-lasting and painful.

Get well before the ski vacation!


Merle said...

Dear Christina ~~ How great to see Neil Diamond. I saw him years ago in Melbourne
and he puts on a great show. I hope your ankle is Ok. Thanks for your visit and gad you got a laugh out of the last joke. Take care, Love, Merle.

Jack K. said...

Glad to learn the concert was a success and so enjoyable.

Short cuts can be dangerous.

Heal quickly and rock on.

Fred said...

They had better win tonight. I want them to come back to St. Pete and try and win the Series here.

My students love Neil Diamond. Who wudda thunk?

Nik said...

Ewww, hope your ankle and knee are on the mend and that it's not too bad an injury. Too cool that you had such a great time at the Neil Diamond concert. I've never seen him live, but heard he puts on an awesome show. The Eagles show is gonna be awesome too. You'll have to tell us all about it when you go.

Well, the Rays are trailing the series now, but I'll keep my fingers crossed. I'm rooting for both teams, to be honest. I think it's great to see two "new" teams in the WS, instead of the usuals. However, if forced to choose, I lean more towards TB, though.