Sunday, July 16, 2006

They Say There's One Born Every Minute

Well, I am a big one. Sucker that is. You see, there's this kitten. A really cute, pitiful little kitten. It has been on our back patio for the last 3 days or so, crying miserably. It has a flea collar on, so I thought it would go home. No such luck, and nobody seems to be missing a kitten. The problem is, I looked at it more closely today and noticed some awful looking skin lesions (or something) down one of its back legs. I can't tell if it is disease or injury, but I washed and sanitized thoroughly after touching the cat. It is a very tame, otherwise healthy appearing kitty, very friendly and obviously has been a pet. And the flea collar. Trevor has been watching it through the sliding glass door and is just fascinated by it. If the kitty is still there tomorrow, we are taking it to the vet.


I HEARD that!



Faith said...

Sounds like it was stuck somewhere for a while and managed to escape.

Christina said...

yeah, i wondered about that too.

M.E Ellis said...